Roderick and his team at Eclipse Jewellery can take your bespoke jewellery ideas and custom design your dream ring and then make it and bring it to life. With our advanced computer design techniques there are no limitations to what precious ring or jewellery item we can create for you.

The design process often begins with a picture of desirable ring that you may find on a web search site like Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy or Google Images. We post many of our custom made rings on Facebook to help inspire our valued clients.

We will meet with you personally to go thru the CAD ring design process until you are completely satisfied with your design.

Custom Made

Your unique design will then proceed to our jeweller to generate a quote for the manufacture costs and metal costs.

Our jewellers can manufacture in the precious metals of Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Using our computer generated CAD Designs we can estimate the precise metal content required to manufacture your ring.

The ring you see in your CAD design picture will look exactly the same when we deliver the finished ring.

Custom Gem Selection

As all our custom CAD Designs are to exact scale you can see what specific size diamonds or gems will look like in the finished product.

Roderick or a team member will guide you thru the Diamond and Gemstone selection process. There are numerous Diamond quality issues that you must consider in the Custom Design process. Roderick has had over 40 years experience in purchasing and selling quality diamonds. He has strong personal connections with many International Gem merchants which has enabled him to source Diamonds and precious Gems at very competitive prices. We can supply GIA Certified Diamonds or its equivalent on diamonds over 0.50cts weight.