Natural Diamonds are created deep under the earths crust over millions of years where carbon has crystallised during exposure to high pressure and temperature and are carried to the surface by volcanic activity. Only 30% of mined diamonds are of the appropriate size and quality for jewellery. Prices can vary greatly based on weight, colour, clarity and cut dimensions.

Eclipse can quote on Independently Certified GIA Diamonds that specify these 4 characteristics and qualities sort after when purchasing a Natural Diamond.
Because of the scarcity and short term life expectancy of existing diamond mines the pricing of natural diamonds hold there value far better than synthetic diamonds.

Man Made Diamonds are grown in laboratories where controlled environment mimics the conditions of natural diamond formation. In laboratories synthetic diamonds may be grown in a matter of weeks, unlike natural diamonds that take millions of years to form.Though essentially chemically identical, there are a few differences between natural diamonds and man made diamondsOne is clarity. The clarity of laboratory diamonds is likely to be perfect, compared to natural diamonds which is likely to have internal flaws or marks.
The other main difference is the price. Man Made diamonds are a much lower retail price and are getting cheaper each year to produce.It is said that Man Made Diamonds are Eco-Friendly as there is no disruption to the earth due to mining. The generation of electricity should also be considered in relation to this issue.

Currently Man Made Diamonds are harder to secure in Australia but that is changing. We offer Independent Laboratory Certification of our Man Made Diamonds that we sell.